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What To Do With Old Tote Bags

Do you have so many old tote bags lying around that you don’t know what to do with them? Are they simply catching dust, sitting in your ‘bag of bags’ just waiting to be used? Not to worry, because there are plenty of things you can do to get use out of your old tote bags - some of which you might not have ever thought of!  6 things you can do with old tote bags: Use them as storage around your home Use them in your plant nursery Use them as gift bags  Donate to local charities Use them to hold first aid kits Send them off for recycling 1. Use as Storage Around Your Home Before you buy another...

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How to Recycle Tote Bags

Lightweight, practical, reusable, stylish and quite often free, we all love a tote! The dilemma happens when your totes pile up; perhaps your totes have ended up in a bottomless bag of bags, or they just aren't getting the use they should. The important thing is that you should never put these totes straight in the general waste bin. Dependent on the type of materials and processes used, you should be able to recycle or repurpose your tote instead.  Take to a Recycling Centre or Textile Bank Take your old totes to a recycling centre or textile banks - just make sure it accepts the materials yours is made from. The one hurdle is that lots of totes are covered in PVC-based logos...

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How to Draw On a Tote Bag

Budding artist? Creative human? Just want to scribble on your tote? No worries. Customise one of our totes in your unique style with our guide on how to draw on a tote. 

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