How Much Weight Can a Tote Bag Hold?

In its original 17thc context, "tote" means to carry or wield something heavy or substantial. But does this hold up in the 21stc? Let's find out.

How much weight a tote can hold depends on what the bag is made from. Most regular canvas totes will hold up to 4kg, but our biodegradable cotton totes hold up to at least 30kg — if not more.

In fact, our research shows that our biodegradable totes can hold a staggering amount. This includes six bottles of wine, ten large bricks, a whole bag of sand35kg of gym weights and a 79kg man! 

Don't believe us? Watch below. 

@tomstotes 🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️ (Finlay is 79kg for reference) #totebagaesthetic #totebaghaul ♬ original sound - Tomstotes

Although the chances of you needing to lift a person in your tote is slim, this does mean that you can rest assured that your tote will be able to hold all of your (lighter) essentials. Whether you need to hold groceries, books, your laptop, school supplies or use your tote on a planeour totes will hold your items with ease. This means that your tote can be used for almost all occasions - and indeed with all styles.

But Do They Last? 

Yes — you can use and wash our totes and they will still remain strong and durable. Read our full guide on How to Clean Canvas Totes on our blog page.

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