How to Style a Tote Bag

One of the benefits of a good tote is that it can be used and styled for almost all occasions. Whether you'd like to wear a tote to school, work, the gym or a coffee date, it can be styled (and filled!) to match. 

The short answer then, is that you can style your tote in just about any way that you want. As long as it is practical, a tote can (and will) match all of your outfits. Nevertheless, to help inspire your next "toted" fit, we've put together some of our favourite ways to style a tote.

1. Streetwear

Streetwear defines fashionable and casual clothes that promote comfort and self-expression  much like our totes. Pair one of our biodegradable totes with some printed loungewear, a comfortable shacket and trainers for a look suitable for all day-to-day activities. Switch out the shacket for a varsity, puffer or denim jacket for a look that's as warm as it is hot get it? 

Pictured with the Ridin' tote. 

Pictured with the 'Put the World on Pause' tote.

2. Elevated Basics

We're a big believer in less is more — at least when it comes to fashion. Instead of fast fashion, include our totes as part of a minimal or capsule wardrobe —  "a compact closet that holds the minimum number of pieces, all of which match each other with great ease." Think versatile and elevated basics that can be mixed and matched to make comfortable and fashionable outfits, time and time again. 

Pictured with the 'Self Love' tote by Linnea Sterte.

Want to see more? Check out our totes styled with Sammy's minimal fits on TikTok.



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3. Date

Where else to store your date essentials than in a durable and characterful tote? Fill your tote with some food and a blanket for a picnic date, or pack your books and educational supplies for a study/coffee date. Your date will get a little insight into your personal style, and you can rest assured that it will keep all of your goods safe. 


4. Gym

Get rid of your extra large holdall or duffel, and switch it out for a strong tote. Not only will it fit all of your gym essentials, it will be easier to hold and add a bit more character to your trip to and from the gym. And why not use the same tote for the gym as for your date? After all, totes should be a versatile investment.


Don't forget that you can further style and personalise your tote with some decorations  painttie dye and iron on patches to name a few. 

Stylish, practical, reusable, versatile and cost-efficient, there isn't much that a tote can't do.

We are Tom's Totes. Our mission is to make plastic bags completely out of fashion, and to make sustainable lifestyle choices stylish. Support independent artists and join our mission to ditch plastic with our collection of biodegradable tote bagsprints/postcards and paint kits online. 

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