Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) | Tom's Biodegradable Tote Bags

Are our cotton tote bags machine washable? 

Yes! 40C wash with similar colours! 

Are cotton tote bags better for the environment than plastic bags?

Although a cotton tote bag uses more energy to produce than a plastic bag, the significant benefit comes in the biodegradability of cotton tote bags. On top of this, using cotton tote bags significantly reduces plastic waste, especially if they are made completely of recycled materials like ours.

Essentially, the question asks whether your priority is to minimise the amount of energy you use, or to help decrease the amount of plastic waste produced. Our priority is encouraging people to stop using plastic due to the devastating effect it has on the natural environment. 

What do I use a tote bag for?

Anything and everything! Our tote bags are incredibly strong despite being made of soft, organic cotton. They are big enough to fit laptops, heavy books, or whatever you may need to carry round on a day to day basis. We've genuinely tried to break our tote bags and as of yet, we haven't succeeded. 

What size are tote bags?

Our tote bags are 38cm (W) X 43cm (H) and 63cm canvas tape handles length (stitch-to-stitch). These are large enough to fit laptops, textbooks, or similar sized items, as well as leaving space for whatever other belongings you need to carry i.e., phone, purse, wallet, keys, water bottle. 

What material are tote bags made of?

It depends on the brand, but they are mostly made of cotton. Our tote bags are made of 100% recycled materials (80% recycled organic cotton from left over fabric and 20% recycled polyester made from plastic bottles). 

Why should we use tote bags?

We currently use an abhorrent amount of plastic. Even today, we produce incredible amounts of plastic bags that quickly make their way to landfills, or worse discarded in nature. We are littering our planet and ruining its natural beauty. By using tote bags, we can not only reduce the amount of plastic we use as consumers, but also spread a positive message of sustainability every time we use one. Some will argue tote bags use more energy per unit than a plastic bag, but they fail to consider the devastating and lasting impact plastic bags (which take 500 years to decompose) have on our environment. Our tote bags are made of recycled material and actively take waste out of the environment, rather than adding to it. 

Are tote bags for guys?

Yes. Tote bags are a unisex item, and anybody who believes a man cannot wear a tote bag is pathetically ingrained in outdated views on what it means to be masculine. The only people who look like idiots with bags in today's society are those using plastic bags. 

Are tote bags good for school? 

Yes. Our tote bags are exceptionally strong and can carry laptops and textbooks without any issue. On top of that, you can carry art around on your shoulder all day. Win-win!

Are tote bags recyclable? 

Yes. Although our tote bags are made of recycled materials, they can certainly be recycled again

Why are tote bags so popular? 

Tote bags are popular due to their neutral colour and style which allows them to go well with almost any outfit of any style. On top of this, they are a responsible lifestyle choice and can be printed with original artwork to further strengthen their appeal to a community.