Shipping Dates | Tom's Biodegradable Tote Bags

 Shipping Dates and Why it Takes a Little Extra Time To Receive Your Tote:

We have slower delivery times than a store like Amazon for some very important reasons:

We print on demand meaning we don't carry any inventory, but print your tote bag after you order it.

By not carrying inventory, we can keep all our designs in stock at all times, and more importantly, we don't have to invest thousands of pounds into printing designs we aren't even sure will sell.

Printing on demand is slower but it prevents waste caused by unused stock, supply issues, as well as allowing us to release a larger range of designs. 

These premium tote bags are designed to last a lifetime. We recognise our delivery times can be slower than expected, but we promise the extra couple of weeks will feel insignificant once you've been trusting it to carry your groceries and valuables for years to come! <3

Shipping Dates:

Orders between November 11th-17th have been shipped.

Orders between November 18th-24th have been shipped.

Orders between November 25th - December 1st have been shipped.

Orders between December 2nd-8th will be shipped December 14th.

Orders between December 9th-15th will be shipped December 22nd.