Shipping Dates | Tom's Biodegradable Tote Bags

 Shipping Dates and Why it Takes a Little Extra Time To Receive Your Tote:

We have slower delivery times than a store like Amazon for some very important reasons:

We print on demand meaning we don't carry any inventory, but print your tote bag after you order it.

By not carrying inventory, we can keep all our designs in stock at all times, and more importantly, we don't have to invest thousands of pounds into printing designs we aren't even sure will sell.

Printing on demand is slower but it prevents waste caused by unused stock, supply issues, as well as allowing us to release a larger range of designs. 

These premium tote bags are designed to last a lifetime. We recognise our delivery times can be slower than expected, but we promise the extra couple of weeks will feel insignificant once you've been trusting it to carry your groceries and valuables for years to come! <3

Shipping Dates:


All orders dating back to March 28th are currently experiencing delays while we wait for our supplier Stanley Stella to deliver more blank tote bags for us to print. We expect all these orders to be shipped by the 30th at the very latest. 

We understand this is extremely frustrating for those who have been waiting almost a month for their orders to be shipped and I'd like to personally apologise for providing such a delayed service. Although we are proudly a slow fashion brand, these wait time are unacceptable and therefore, we have now made actions to prevent this issue happening again in the future. 

Starting from midway through May, we have completely overhauled our entire supply chain process. Previously, we would place weekly orders with our printers, which we would then pack ourselves, drive to the tailors to sew in the pockets, then drive to the royal mail collection centres to post them. 

Now, we will be working with a different printers who integrate with our online store and print each tote bag as the orders come through. They will then sew in the pockets, package and ship each order themselves. At the best of times, tomstotes would take 7-10 days to ship an order, but wait times of 2-3 weeks did not become uncommon.

Now, we will be reliably shipping orders in 5-7 days every single time (its not Amazon Prime as its still slow fashion, but it will be a huge improvement). 

Once again, I offer my sincerest apologies for this unacceptable wait time. If you'd like to cancel your order and receive a full refund, please contact us at We will also be dishing out discount codes to anybody who would like one as an apology for the wait, so please drop us an email to receive that!