Harry Styles tote
Harry Styles tote
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tote bag with dog

B&W “I am a Child of Divorce” Harry Styles and Taylor Swift Tote Bag

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Are you a child of divorce? Do you like two of the most famous icons in recent music history? Do you like Harry styles tote bags? Do you like Taylor swift tote bags? Do you struggle to choose between the two? 

well we have a very strange solution for you

introducing this tote bag 

Canvas cotton bag with 38cm (W) X 43cm (H) and 63cm canvas tape handles length (stitch-to-stitch). 

 “Super cool designs and really high quality bags. compliments streetwear and y2k look really nicely”- Will B

“A really high quality sturdy tote with such a clear and modern design. So glad to know it’s eco-friendly, which makes the quality of the bag even more impressive! A must-have gift or bag for life.”- Emily M

“Fab tote bags! Great to grab on the go with any outfit- strong for practical use and high quality cool prints.”- Angelina F