artwork tote bag
art tote bag
artwork tote bag

‘You Look Pretty When You Smile’ Tote Bag by Tess Taggart

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“You Look Pretty When You Smile” can be viewed as the unsettling reality behind a smiling emoji, commenting on the impossible task of emojis and texting to express our sometimes less than content mental state.

However, Tess leaves this uncanny depiction of a slender figure with a unsettling smiley face up for interpretation. The image is unsettling and creepy, and perhaps there is no need to investigate further. 

Cotton tote bag made with 100% recycled materials, printed with water-based ink. Made with thick cotton to make the tote strong enough to hold books, laptops, and more. 

Canvas cotton bag with 38cm (W) X 43cm (H) and 63cm canvas tape handles length (stitch-to-stitch). 

 “Super cool designs and really high quality bags. compliments streetwear and y2k look really nicely”- Will B

“A really high quality sturdy tote with such a clear and modern design. So glad to know it’s eco-friendly, which makes the quality of the bag even more impressive! A must-have gift or bag for life.”- Emily M

“Fab tote bags! Great to grab on the go with any outfit- strong for practical use and high quality cool prints.”- Angelina F